12 Angels engages to support the relaunch of award-winning play “Bill W. and Dr. Bob”

Bill W. and Dr. BobThe 12 Angels Fund is thrilled to announce its support of the production company of the Off-Broadway play “BILL W. AND DR. BOB”  (www.billwanddrbob.com).

Well-known actors Martin Sheen and Hank Azaria have supported the play with performances of staged readings, including at a recent fundraiser in Los Angeles in November 2011 supported by 12 Angels.

See pictures from the fundraiser – https://picasaweb.google.com/115617164588577667756/BillAndBobAtONE80?authkey=Gv1sRgCPKO-a2up6qILA

The production had a successful run in 2007 in New York, followed by similar successes in almost a hundred other U.S. cities and abroad. This track record has motivated 12 Angels to support and work to invest in the production company.

12 Angels is not the only non-profit supporting and investing in the company – The Hazelden Foundation has agreed to become the major sponsor and non-profit umbrella for the play, and has already invested in the company.

12 Angels has agreed to strategically support the play and invest at least $250,000 in the company. 12 Angels now is working to raise the capital to launch the play in September 2012.

With a successful fundraising, this will mark the first investment from the inaugural fund. Through a network of investors and contacts within the addiction community, 12 Angels’ goal is to invest in this production that will employ a number of recovering addicts, as per the fund’s mission, and which will be self-sustaining. The revenues from the non-profit New York production will be used to launch a national college campus tour and program to bring awareness of addiction in college life, and particularly the current deadly epidemic of binge drinking (2000 students die every year), and to provide solutions to address it.

Support this sustainable production of BILL W. AND DR. BOB through a donation to The 12 Angels Fund. Your donation will have a direct impact on increasing the awareness of the recovery community and education program. Help in bringing this wonderful play back to life to be able to touch the many people that are impacted by addiction.

About the Play: BILL W. AND DR. BOB is an award-winning Off-Broadway hit play about the relationship between the two men that led to the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous and their wives, Lois and Anne, whose relationship led to the founding of Al Anon Family Groups. Written by Samuel Shem (pen-name of Stephen Bergman) and Janet Surrey, this play is historically-accurate, deeply-moving, laugh-out-loud funny and inspiring, and captures the power of a great American success story.

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