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Our team is comprised of experienced executives in capital markets, funds management, and addiction recovery industries. We have identified ways for employers to hire and support recovering addicts, and believe in the power of mobilizing capital to drive social change.

Alex Shohet – Founder and Board Member

Alex Shohet is the entrepreneur who started the 12 Angels organization based on his personal experiences as a recovering drug addict. Alex and his wife Bernadine Fried, MFT founded Wonderland Center an internationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles. Alex and Bernie currently own and run ONE80 Center, another leader in treatment centers. ONE80 is a triple bottom line organization that serves three stakeholders our clients, our team and the environment. ONE 80 employs approximately 50 recovering addicts and provides education, job training and above market salaries. ONE80 is pioneering many new services and treatments to improve recovery outcomes and reduce the time clients stay in treatment. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Shohet previously founded and privately sold two technology companies Computer Physicians and Sandbox Technologies. In 2002, Mr. Shohet sold his software application Media Taxi™, a B2B ASP based digital asset management and distribution system used by several major entertainment companies to Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: sofo).

Our partners include organizations that provide the critical health and well being services within the recovery community.

Our History: The concept behind the 12 Angels Evergreen Fund began in 2004 in a recovery house in Los Angeles, California. The treatment center provided exceptional care and support of the Addicts while in treatment but did not have enough resources to support Addicts on their reentry into the community.  As a result many Addicts relapsed returned to treatment, ended up in jail or died. We believe we can increase the percentage of addicts and alcoholics that make it into recovery through social entrepreneurship.