Our mission is to provide the investment capital, consultation and mentorship to support sustainable businesses that hire recovering addicts, giving them a chance to enjoy productive and healthy lives.

Our goal is to break the cycle of economic dependency  of addicts on their family, friends and community.  We believe recovery is incomplete until an addict has found purpose, economic self reliance and a career.

Our vision is that all recovering addicts have access to sustainable and long-term employment (including self employment).

Our challenge is to invest in and support quality profitable companies that will create jobs and opportunities for the millions of individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction in the United States, and reduce the staggering annual $600 billion overall cost of substance abuse, including productivity and health and crime-related costs (National Institute on Drug Abuse, March 2011).

Our hope is to provide a second chance to recovering addicts. Many of whom had previously successful careers, but are now unable to find employment due to criminal records, inconsistent work histories, and damaged reputations. Addiction is treatable; economic recovery is possible; and the potential return on investment is massive.

Our opportunity is to support meaningful and sustainable employment for the recovering addict, making a significant positive impact on their families and communities. We are seeking select donors to become our Founding Angels and provide the seed capital to launch the fund. Join us in making a real and long-term difference in our community.

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