12 Angels engages to support the relaunch of award-winning play “Bill W. and Dr. Bob”

Bill W. and Dr. BobThe 12 Angels Fund is thrilled to announce its support of the production company of the Off-Broadway play “BILL W. AND DR. BOB”  (www.billwanddrbob.com).

Well-known actors Martin Sheen and Hank Azaria have supported the play with performances of staged readings, including at a recent fundraiser in Los Angeles in November 2011 supported by 12 Angels.

See pictures from the fundraiser – https://picasaweb.google.com/115617164588577667756/BillAndBobAtONE80?authkey=Gv1sRgCPKO-a2up6qILA

The production had a successful run in 2007 in New York, followed by similar successes in almost a hundred other U.S. cities and abroad. This track record has motivated 12 Angels to support and work to invest in the production company.

12 Angels is not the only non-profit supporting and investing in the company – The Hazelden Foundation has agreed to become the major sponsor and non-profit umbrella for the play, and has already invested in the company.

12 Angels has agreed to strategically support the play and invest at least $250,000 in the company. 12 Angels now is working to raise the capital to launch the play in September 2012.

With a successful fundraising, this will mark the first investment from the inaugural fund. Through a network of investors and contacts within the addiction community, 12 Angels’ goal is to invest in this production that will employ a number of recovering addicts, as per the fund’s mission, and which will be self-sustaining. The revenues from the non-profit New York production will be used to launch a national college campus tour and program to bring awareness of addiction in college life, and particularly the current deadly epidemic of binge drinking (2000 students die every year), and to provide solutions to address it.

Support this sustainable production of BILL W. AND DR. BOB through a donation to The 12 Angels Fund. Your donation will have a direct impact on increasing the awareness of the recovery community and education program. Help in bringing this wonderful play back to life to be able to touch the many people that are impacted by addiction.

About the Play: BILL W. AND DR. BOB is an award-winning Off-Broadway hit play about the relationship between the two men that led to the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous and their wives, Lois and Anne, whose relationship led to the founding of Al Anon Family Groups. Written by Samuel Shem (pen-name of Stephen Bergman) and Janet Surrey, this play is historically-accurate, deeply-moving, laugh-out-loud funny and inspiring, and captures the power of a great American success story.

The 12 Angels Fund – Launching Spring 2012

After years of building on the 12 Angels concept of encouraging social entrepreneurship within the addiction recovery community, The 12 Angels Fund will be launched in spring 2012 to take it even further.

The 12 Angels Fund will invest in social enterprises that employ and develop individuals recovering from addiction. Our mission is to provide the capital and mentorship to create sustainable businesses that help guide recovering addicts back into productive and healthy lives.

 Every year, over $600 billion is spent or loss on the overall costs of substance abuse, including productivity and health and crime-related costs. But addiction is treatable, economic recovery is possible, and the potential return on investment is massive. Our hope is to provide a second chance to recovering addicts and break the cycle of dependence onf family, friends and the community.
The 12 Angels Fund will invest in profitable sustainable companies and demand not a traditional financial return on investment, but a significant social return through the employment of recovering addicts. Using our expertise in funds management and venture capital, we will foster successful companies and, as a result, healthy employees.
We are currently in the build phase of the organization and fund and are seeking socially conscious donors to join us in realizing our vision for a powerful vehicle to mobilize capital and drive social change.
Stay tuned for updates!

12 Angels Evergreen Fund is funded and managed by a group of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who observed the transformative process recovery has on addicts and alcoholics.  Many recovering addicts and alcoholics have gone on to become top business leaders, hedge fund managers, social entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Many of these top business leaders have kept their recovery hidden from their colleagues for fear this information will add a level of uncertainty to their roles as fiduciaries.   Addiction costs the United States over a one-half a TRILLION dollars a year.  Our supporters, managers and partners believe we can reduce the damage addiction does to our economy and our society by using a combination of micro-finance, community development, executive mentorship, leadership training and venture capital.

The 12 Angels Evergreen Fund  is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that is entirely privately funded by executives, foundations, and other generous donors.

Goodbye to Luis Villalobos, Our Organizations’ Mentor!

Luis Villalobos receiving the Hans Severiens Award
Luis Villalobos receiving the Hans Severiens Award

Luis Villalobos was a great mentor to me, the 12 Angels and lots of other people!He was a pioneer in angel investing, an advocate for entrepreneurs and an architect of organizations.Here is my story about Luis Villalobos…

In 2004, I was in a long term drug and alcohol treatment program.At 42 it was difficult to imagine starting my professional career over. The last 3 years of drug abuse had destroyed my professional reputation.My financial life was chaotic.My personal life was a mess.I had a young 2 and a half year old daughter and a wife who was a well respected professional in the drug and alcohol treatment industry.

For the last 20 years, I was in technology.I was an entrepreneur having founded 3 tech companies.At 42, I was wondering while laying in my twin bed at the drug treatment center, what do can I do?Am I too old or too poor to start another company?Should I get a job in technology?Should I get a get well job at Starbucks and focus on meetings and my recovery?

Career decisions are daunting while living in converted retirement home with 150 other unemployed addicts.Being around so many unemployed people robs one of hope. What can I put on my resume, I have been serving meals to 150 addicts at lunch time for the last 6 months?  I guess they would call that job a resume killer!

Somewhere along my path in treatment, I took the Myers Briggs personality assessment which helps identify temperament and aids in career decisions. My results, ENTP, the classic personality type of the entrepreneur.I was fascinated by the Myers Briggs and its accurate appraisal of my temperament.


In early recovery from drug addiction a person is on an emotional roller coaster of fear, hope, despair and purpose. I was searching for my calling, what can I do?Who am I, I am a recovering heroin addict and an entrepreneur.Those two activities have dominated my life.Where can I find meaning in my career, do I want to go back into technology?


It hit me one day, maybe entrepreneurship can help people with addictions.Maybe I can take my passion for entrepreneurship and apply it to helping people with addictive disorders.I was aware of social entrepreneurs who apply their entrepreneurial talents to social problems.I thought I am going to do that!


The next question is how?I started to brainstorm:


1.Creating businesses in treatment centers. Is anyone doing that?What are the benefits of having a business inside a treatment center?

a.You can generate money to help the treatment center pay for the services they provide.

b.You can provide job experience and funds to the residents in the treatment center.

c.You can make the transition out of the treatment easier and reduce the chances of relapse.

2.Successful entrepreneurs Create jobs and opportunities.

a.Entrepreneurs in recovery are more likely to provide opportunities to other addicts, because they understand what it is like to be an addict in early recovery.

b.Entrepreneurs can create personal income when traditional employment may be unavailable.

I can go on and on with all the benefits entrepreneurship can have to the recovery process but I need to get back to my personal tribute to Luis Villalobos…


So after my little entrepreneurial brainstorm I thought of the 12 Angels, an angel investment group that would stimulate entrepreneurship in the recovery community.I then went on line and found the Angel Capital Association and signed up as one of their groups.They had a program where new angel groups were assigned a mentor, enter Luis Villalobos.


I had a meeting with Luis Villalobos a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School.He was the founder of the Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel group in the nation.I couldn’t believe it!Here I was a guy living in drug rehab, who thought of a crazy idea to start an investment group that provided funds to recovering drug addicts.Now I was going to meet one of the most influential angel investors in the country, I couldn’t believe it!


My meeting with Luis Villalobos was more than I could have ever dreamed.Luis immediately saw the value in the 12 Angels, the powerful opportunity to use angel investing to help one of the largest economic issues facing our country; addiction costs the US over $340 Billion dollars per year!


Within one meeting, Luis architected the 12 Angels organization.He gave me a blueprint from which I have been trying to follow for the last 5 years.And he gave me more.He attended our organizations first presentation and mentored me to create the legal structure for the group.He helped me understand how to be an investor and a group organizer.


How do we put the 12 Angels into practice?We needed to find an investment.Luis and I discussed starting a high end drug and alcohol treatment center and over the next year Wonderland Treatment Center was born.Luis suggested I utilize the local business schools for support.I then pitched UCLA’s Anderson School of Management for assistance and we created a business plan for career mentorship using Facebook technology.Luis was a guide, an advisor, a cheerleader and a visionary.


I cannot imagine where my life would be had Luis told me the 12 Angels was a horrible idea that would never work.I cannot imagine what my relationship with my wife, daughter, friends and family would be had Luis not given me his time and his experience.Luis encouraged me to follow my dreams.Luis believed in angel investing and entrepreneurship. Luis was a mentor to me and many other people and organizations.I am very sad Luis is gone.The world has lost a very important individual.I know Luis’ made over 60 angel investments in businesses but he made his greatest investment in me.Thank you Luis Villalobos, I will never forget you!

Question – Are there any studies on the hiring of Addicts in early Recovery?

I wish I knew of one!  If anyone has done one or knows where to find one it would be really helpful…Below are some of my opinions and experiences on the subject…

My opinion and experience is that employment performance follows the recovery process.  In the first year of recovery relapse is common, the brain is going through significant changes (healing) and lifestyle, family and work issues are difficult to address.

A common solution in the “nonprofit” treatment centers is called “Agency Jobs”.  Providing employment as part of the treatment center recovery program.  The longest running programs of this kind are the Salvation Army and Delancy Street.

Outside of the treatment center, the 12 Step community encourages the “Get Well” job.  A job that “supports” recovery.  Characteristics of a get well job is low stress, flexible hours and recovery friendly work environment.  We see some successful “entrepreneurs in recovery” providing get well jobs to people in early recovery.  The typical Sponsor direction is “get any job” it doesn’t matter just keep busy.

At the 12 Angels we have done research in looking for jobs that could provide revenue to the treatment center, job skills in growth industries and can be located at the treatment center.  We have a number of business models for “Agency Jobs”.

We have created small pilot programs using micro credit and micro loan programs to stimulate hiring of the newly clean and sober.  This is an area of great promise that needs some more work and development!

Wanna Know a Secret? You may be able to clean up your criminal record!

This information-packed workshop is designed for those facing obstacles to employment, such as criminal records, gaps in work history, and poor references. It is ideal for people completing substance abuse treatment or those on probation/parole. In her 28-page guidebook, Ms. Romano details the step-by-step legal process of dismissing criminal records, reducing charges, or obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation. Government programs that provide education and job training are also outlined.

Jamie also provides instruction on the entire hiring process, from job searching to one’s first day at work. Also covered are strategies for writing attention-getting cover letters and résumés, as well as excellent interview skills.

For information on other services and workshops provided by Ms. Romano, please visit www.jamescommunications.com. To schedule Jamie for an event or training, please contact her via email at james@jamescommunications.com

Microcredit Program, Would it Work in the Recovery Community?

Microcredit (Micro Loans)  is a financial innovation that is generally considered to have originated with the Grameen Bank. The Grameen Bank and its founder Muhammad Yunus won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for helping 7 million people in poverty receive loans; since the founidng of the bank about US $6.0 billion has been loaned and the repayment rate is 99%.

Mosammat Taslima Begum (left), representing Grameen Bank, and Muhammad Yunus pose with their Nobel Peace Prize Medals and Diplomas.
Mosammat Taslima Begum (left), representing Grameen Bank, and Muhammad Yunus pose with their Nobel Peace Prize Medals and Diplomas.

What can microcredit do for the Recovery community?  How can it help?

Our idea is this:  We provide small loans to men and women who have accummulated a couple of years of sobriety; who are trying to start or grow a business; who would not be able to qualify for a conventional or SBA loan; who are willing to particpate in our entrepreneurship classes and programs.

What do we expect in return?  We expect our borrowers to pay back the loans with interest and participate in our entrepreneurship classes and program.

What do we hope?  We hope that our microcredit program will help recoverying individuals create or expand their businesses, create jobs for people in recovery and reduce the damage lost productivity in the recovery community does to our economy.

If you want to help us launch our microcredit program, please contact the 12 Angels!  Thank you…

Sponsor and Sponsee Survey Links — Thank You For Helping The Recovery Community!!

Are you or have you ever been in a 12 step program to help you overcome your alcoholism or addiction?  Would you be willing to help other recovering alcoholics and addicts overcome their alcoholism and addictions — so they can reintegrate into the working world as productive members of society — by spending just 3-5 minutes of your time?  If you answered “yes” to those questions, then now is your opportunity to make a difference by participating in a completely anonymous survey that will help on a statistical level to foster a revolutionary online application for the benefit of the recovery community.

12 Angels is a nonprofit organization that fosters social entrepreneurship in the recovery community. The organization’s goal is to create and implement programs that will counteract the economic damage caused by alcoholism and addiction.

Thank you for your willingness to participate anonymously in this development process.  Please complete either one or both of the two surveys presented below based on your background and experience.

By taking these surveys, you are being of service to our community, and we are grateful!



Thank you Tony, Tina, Barbara, Michael and Jane, and the Broccoli Foundation!


The 12 Angels would like to thank the Broccoli Foundation for support of our career mentorship program. As the 100th birthday celebration of Albert “Cubby” Broccoli approaches. We send our gratitude out to Family of Albert Broccoli. We are very honored to be supported by the Broccoli Foundation!

I was reading about Albert Broccoli on Wikipedia and noticed something very relevant to this Blog: The Wikipedia author writes about how Albert Broccoli became a mentor to Michael G. Wilson; Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are Executive Producer’s of the James Bond Film Franchise. The Broccoli family is a wonderful example of mentorship and are HUGE supporters of education. We would like to thank Tony, Tina, Barbara and Michael and Jane Wilson along with the other members of the family.

The Broccoli Foundation has helped support education programs at USC, Johns Hopkins University and many other eductaional instittutions and programs. In 2001, the Foundation established the Dana and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli Professorship in Oncology to advance discovery in breast cancer and vaccine therapies at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Dana and Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli Foundation funded a faculty position dedicated to teaching the business and practice of film producing.

For more information on the Foundation’s work please see:

Brocolli Donation

News about Brocolli Donation

The 12 Angels organization recently started a career and job mentorship program. As a compliment to the services people receive in the 12 Step community, the 12 Angels are looking for mentors to model successful career development. Our program does not ask our mentors to find people jobs but rather be guides to career progress.

If you would like to be a mentor, please contact us at 877-858-1212. We need you!

Making Magic at Houdini Park! Thank You José Luis Nazar

houdini-pond-and-house houdini-king-of-cardsingles-sin-barreras

We would like to thank José Luis Nazar for allowing 12 Angels to meet
at Houdini Park, one of the most storied locations in Los Angeles.

José Luis Nazar, the owner of Houdini Park, is the creator of Inglés
sin Barreras, the most successful English course for Hispanics in the
United States. He is restoring Houdini Park to the incredible
property it once was — a glorious four acres replete with natural
springs, cascades, Koi ponds, terraced gardens, and centenary trees.

Harry Houdini reputedly lived on the Laurel Canyon property in the
early 1920s. This world-famous magician had come to Los Angeles to
further his fortune in the Hollywood film industry. After Houdini
died in 1926, his wife, Bess, lived out her days in the estate’s
guest house, using the main house to conduct seances with her dead

We hope Houdini, the great escape artist, will aid us in our mission to help recovering addicts escape their previous life. We’ll take all the help we can get, even from the “great beyond,” to stop the damage addiction is doing to our society. Without support from people such as José Luis Nazar, our mission would be impossible.