Question – Are there any studies on the hiring of Addicts in early Recovery?

I wish I knew of one!  If anyone has done one or knows where to find one it would be really helpful…Below are some of my opinions and experiences on the subject…

My opinion and experience is that employment performance follows the recovery process.  In the first year of recovery relapse is common, the brain is going through significant changes (healing) and lifestyle, family and work issues are difficult to address.

A common solution in the “nonprofit” treatment centers is called “Agency Jobs”.  Providing employment as part of the treatment center recovery program.  The longest running programs of this kind are the Salvation Army and Delancy Street.

Outside of the treatment center, the 12 Step community encourages the “Get Well” job.  A job that “supports” recovery.  Characteristics of a get well job is low stress, flexible hours and recovery friendly work environment.  We see some successful “entrepreneurs in recovery” providing get well jobs to people in early recovery.  The typical Sponsor direction is “get any job” it doesn’t matter just keep busy.

At the 12 Angels we have done research in looking for jobs that could provide revenue to the treatment center, job skills in growth industries and can be located at the treatment center.  We have a number of business models for “Agency Jobs”.

We have created small pilot programs using micro credit and micro loan programs to stimulate hiring of the newly clean and sober.  This is an area of great promise that needs some more work and development!

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