The 12 Angels Fund – Launching Spring 2012

After years of building on the 12 Angels concept of encouraging social entrepreneurship within the addiction recovery community, The 12 Angels Fund will be launched in spring 2012 to take it even further.

The 12 Angels Fund will invest in social enterprises that employ and develop individuals recovering from addiction. Our mission is to provide the capital and mentorship to create sustainable businesses that help guide recovering addicts back into productive and healthy lives.

 Every year, over $600 billion is spent or loss on the overall costs of substance abuse, including productivity and health and crime-related costs. But addiction is treatable, economic recovery is possible, and the potential return on investment is massive. Our hope is to provide a second chance to recovering addicts and break the cycle of dependence onf family, friends and the community.
The 12 Angels Fund will invest in profitable sustainable companies and demand not a traditional financial return on investment, but a significant social return through the employment of recovering addicts. Using our expertise in funds management and venture capital, we will foster successful companies and, as a result, healthy employees.
We are currently in the build phase of the organization and fund and are seeking socially conscious donors to join us in realizing our vision for a powerful vehicle to mobilize capital and drive social change.
Stay tuned for updates!

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