Wanna Know a Secret? You may be able to clean up your criminal record!

This information-packed workshop is designed for those facing obstacles to employment, such as criminal records, gaps in work history, and poor references. It is ideal for people completing substance abuse treatment or those on probation/parole. In her 28-page guidebook, Ms. Romano details the step-by-step legal process of dismissing criminal records, reducing charges, or obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation. Government programs that provide education and job training are also outlined.

Jamie also provides instruction on the entire hiring process, from job searching to one’s first day at work. Also covered are strategies for writing attention-getting cover letters and résumés, as well as excellent interview skills.

For information on other services and workshops provided by Ms. Romano, please visit www.jamescommunications.com. To schedule Jamie for an event or training, please contact her via email at james@jamescommunications.com

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