Making Magic at Houdini Park! Thank You José Luis Nazar

houdini-pond-and-house houdini-king-of-cardsingles-sin-barreras

We would like to thank José Luis Nazar for allowing 12 Angels to meet
at Houdini Park, one of the most storied locations in Los Angeles.

José Luis Nazar, the owner of Houdini Park, is the creator of Inglés
sin Barreras, the most successful English course for Hispanics in the
United States. He is restoring Houdini Park to the incredible
property it once was — a glorious four acres replete with natural
springs, cascades, Koi ponds, terraced gardens, and centenary trees.

Harry Houdini reputedly lived on the Laurel Canyon property in the
early 1920s. This world-famous magician had come to Los Angeles to
further his fortune in the Hollywood film industry. After Houdini
died in 1926, his wife, Bess, lived out her days in the estate’s
guest house, using the main house to conduct seances with her dead

We hope Houdini, the great escape artist, will aid us in our mission to help recovering addicts escape their previous life. We’ll take all the help we can get, even from the “great beyond,” to stop the damage addiction is doing to our society. Without support from people such as José Luis Nazar, our mission would be impossible.


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