WOW – What an Event at Dr. Teas! 12 Angels Social Entrepreneurship in the Recovery Community

First – Let’s thank our donors and sponsors!

John and Regina Scully, Dr. Teas, Monarchy Clothing, the filmmakers from Lost in Woonsocket, Paul Mitchell, DJ Michaelis, SunStyle, the beautiful Ford Models from Ford Modeling Agency, metal artist Jason Mernick, the amazing cusine of Chris and Brett Sulzer, rock memorabilia from Slash and Sean McNabb, the comedy of Ashley Hamilton, the photography of Gene Kirkland, the beautiful candles of Timothy Jay in West Hollywood and Wire Image.

We had a full house, drank some amazing teas, raised some money, had a great time, laughed with Ashley Hamilton, Eric Kim provided us with some amazing clothes from Monarchy and we danced with DJ Michaelis.

The first annual Halo Fashion Show was a huge success. We are grateful to everyone that came to help create jobs and opportunities within the recovery community. Thank you!

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